Machuca/ Rio Grande Trekking (4000/3200m.a.s.l) *meters/metres above sea level

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Departure: 09:00 Am
Return: 06:00Pm
Altitude: 4000m.s.m./3200m.s.n.m.
Trekking Duration: 5 hours (Around)
Elevation: 800 meters
Minimum 4 passengers, Maximum 8.

We leave from your hotel in a northeastern direction for 45 minutes until we arrive at the Village of Machuca (4000 m.a.s.l.)
The trekking begins there. Following the Peñaliri River and contemplating its immense canyon. During the walk you will be able to
appreciate flora, fauna and human vestiges typical of the altiplano and its rich archaelogical history. Among the flora you will see: Coirón, foxtail, tola, copa copa, chilka de la puna; and amongst fauna: vicuñas, llamas, sheep, goats. You may see some shepherds and their terraces for agriculture, abandoned villages, and so on. Halfway through the tour we will stop for a snack, then we will continue walking towards the Rio Grande Village, we will cross uninhabited small towns, we will also appreciate the development of agriculture based on the cultivation of alfalfa, beans, onions and garlic. These crops are the main resource of the inhabitants of Rio Grande Village, which are marketed in the city of Calama. Our vehicle will be waiting for us near Rio Grande, we will have an apetizer in the village (Trekking-lunch), to return to the hotel after an hour and a half of the trip.