Tulor Village and Pukará de Quitor

Departure: Am or Pm Distance: 22 km. (total round trip). Duration: approximately 4-5 hours (depending on the pace and decisions of the group).

“La Aldea de Tulor” is located 8kms southwest of San Pedro, it is the oldest sedentary archaeological site in the surroundings of San Pedro, it dates back to 800 B.C.

It was found by Gustavo Le Peige, a Jesuit Priest in 1957.

In the place you can see a low percentage of the original construction, the rest is still buried by sand and dust, it consists of circular buildings, joined to others by corridors, having a perimeter wall.

In this village there is a change in the culture and customs of the inhabitants of this area; from being nomads, hunters and gatherers to a sedentary life, beginning to domesticate animals and developing agricultural practice.

“The Pukara de Quitor” is located 3 km from San Pedro de Atacama, it is a defensive indigenous fortress. It dates from the 12th century. It was built on a hill with stones, joined with mud or clay. It had a perimeter defensive wall at its base.

The hill was a strategic place, since on its sides it was surrounded by cliffs.

It consisted of three different types of buildings, the largest being for keeping livestock, the medium ones as family rooms and the smallest as food warehouses. these communicated with others through corridors.

It was declared a National Monument in 1982.

Difficulty level: Easy Entrance to the Park: 7000CLP per person.